Vocal entry guidelines

  1. The General Festival Rules and Conditions for Competitors as published on this website apply in this section.

  2. All songs should be appropriate to the age range.

  3. Songs may be accompanied by piano or solo instrument.

  4. Backing tapes or CD’s are not to be used in the Vocal section.

  5. Copies for the Adjudicator
    Must be handed in before the commencement of the session in which the class is being held.

  • These copies must be clearly marked with the Class number, competitor’s name and number on the top right-hand corner.

  • Only items nominated with entries may be performed. Competitors not complying with this rule or not supplying titles will be disqualified.

  • Quality of choice: The adjudicator will have regard to the quality of choice where competitors make their own selection.

  1. Copyright regulations
    Performers must use original music.
    Clear manuscript or photocopies may be used for the Adjudicator’s copy only.
    Copies of the regulations are available for perusal if required.

  2. Time Limits
    Unless otherwise stated, the maximum time for any item is four minutes.
    Competitors exceeding the time limits stated in the Syllabus and Programme are liable to disqualification or reduction of marks.

  3. Programme Errors
    Errors concerning entries as printed in the programme must be notified to the Vocal Convenor before the commencement of the Festival

  4. Stage and Rehearsals
    There are to be no rehearsals on stage between sessions except in special circumstances and then only with the permission of the Stage Manager or Vocal Convenor.

  5. Reports
    These will not necessarily be available immediately after the completion of classes.
    Please wait for an announcement that reports are available or collect them during the following session.

  6. Cancellations
    Notification of cancellations is expected before the commencement of the Festival or before commencement of sessions.
    Notification by email or phone call is to be given only to the Vocal Convenor or to the Festival Coordinator.

  7. Photography and Video
    As a general rule, this is not allowed during performances.
    However, if a video is required for educational assessment purposes permission must be obtained in advance from the Vocal Convenor.
    Refer also to Rule 29 in the
    The General Festival Rules and Conditions for Competitors.

  8. Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society committee may take photos and videos for use on Social Media. If you do not wish to have photos or videos used on social media, please advise the committee before the commencement of the competition.

  9. Trophy returns
    Please return trophies by 1 July 2022 to:
    Kathy Bygrave, 74 Lawrence Road, Mangawhai.
    Phone: 09 431 4816
    Email: kathyr1963@hotmail.com

  • Trophies are the property of the Northland Performing Arts Competitions Society and must be returned when requested.

  • They are to be professionally engraved at competitor's expense and cleaned prior to being returned.

  • Competitors will be invoiced the costs of repairing trophies that are returned in poor condition or damaged.

  • Entries for the current competitions will not be accepted until all trophies held by a competitor are returned.