Jazz & Tap Adjudicator 2023

Kelsey Andrew

Kelsey has a huge passion for all things creative. Dance has always been a major part of her life and something she believes is very important throughout all walks of the world.

Growing up in the Bay, Kelsey danced from a very young age (completing BBO and NZAMD exams across all genres) and moved to Australia in 2011 to pursue her love of dance. After completing her two-year full-time course and gaining a scholarship in her second year, Kelsey went on to sign with a Melbourne Agency and then on to an American Agency. She began dancing on various international tours, performing and traveling around the world for 4 years, living in Mexico, America and the Caribbean (just to name a few) during this time.

Kelsey has a strong passion for the arts and giving back to the arts community and does all she can to give back and help develop this within the Bay and Beyond. 

As the owner and director of KJ Studios  she believes all of this has manifested into as a safe space to create, learn, grow and build lifelong connections. Kelsey brings a young and fresh approach to how studios are run and has taken her years of traveling, working and learning with the industry to provide the best platform she can for her students. 

Kelsey believes in the world of dance and creative arts and the opportunities to make a professional career within this sector. She is passionate about teaching, choreography, and sharing the arts with as many people as she can. She immerses herself in all things creative arts to keep herself inspired, current, innovative, and artistic, she likes to encourage her students to find what is unique about them and their style and to empower creativity and individuality within her classes.